Legendary producer, bassist and creative polymath Youth is among South London Arts Lab 
co-founding collective

Just as the seasonal blues are setting in, a group of creative visionaries including Youth have co-founded and announced the launch of MÜ Magazine. The magazine is set to be a tonic for our times, with a synthesis of interviews with established artists and mavericks including cover star Jarvis Cocker, alongside Alan Moore, Audrey Grant, Helaine Blumenfeld, Penny Rimbaud, as well as new emerging artists like Big Joanie, Stephen Towns and Dawn Okoro coupled with inspirational slabs of restorative counter-culture theatre, art, poetry and music.

A quarterly print publication which has already sold out its first print run, MÜ has risen from the magical cauldron of South London Arts Lab, a salon for diverse creatives, and turns the spotlight on exceptional individuals with the purpose of recapturing the meaning and purpose of life and inspiring creative individualism.  The South London Arts Lab logo is designed by Jimmy Cauty (KLF), whose irreverence is a thread that also runs through MÜ Magazine.

“MÜ is fearless, irreverent and nonconformist, a necessity in these times. It will highlight the new generation of visionaries. You can find in MÜ anything from philosophical and existential questions about life, through to self-sufficiency, music, art, food. So turn on, tune in, and be prepared to be transported….”

MÜ Magazine

Co-founder, Youth added “The quality of writing, the combination of art, music, poetry and literature is mind-blowing and I can’t think of another magazine that’s ever done anything like this before, it’s exceptionally unique and innovative. Modern culture is suffocating the diversity of our creative communities. Our identity and creative individualism are straining under the weight of anonymity. The theme running through the first issue is to discover the mavericks who want to join us on this epic adventure.”


MÜ magazine’s core co-founders are Lisa Azarmi, Editor in chief and founder of Ravenous Butterflies Ltd, Maryann Morris, our in house photographer and art director and of course Youth. They came together through values, purpose and an “eyes open, mind open” attitude – the common thread that bound and motivated them to pursue this audacious quest to connect with a growing like-minded community via a unique, new magazine format.

The Creatives behind MÜ Magazine

Lisa Azarmi

Editor / Art & Lifestyle Director

Artist, Journalist, poet, influencer, art advisor to Coutts, curator, music and arts festival organiser and, founder of Ravenous Butterflies Ltd.

Lisa co-founded South London Arts Lab and MÜ Magazine, and has been instrumental in their growth, and creative development. 

She is currently writing and illustrating a volume of autobiographical poetry, and is collaborating on a children’s picture book, with artist, Rufus Knight Webb, which will be published in 2021.

Lisa is planning on opening an online shop for Ravenous Butterflies next year, and will be publishing a book of art and prose for the launch. 

Lisa lives in London, with her children and Cosmos, the wonder dog!