MÜ Magazine Issue 7

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As always, the first 500 copies of MÜ will be hand-numbered, collectible items!

Included this issue:

EMMA LEE MC  – The Poetry of a Bigger Vision,
S&M DOMINATRIX –  Mariella Novotny,
WONK UNIT – DIY Wonk Punk,
MORITZ WOLPERT – Sound Sculptor,
ESPERANZA ROMERO – Ceramics, Ink & Steamrollers,
LONELADY – Talks to Paul Darnorough
EZRA FURMAN – The Future is Forever Lilac and Black
THE ANCHORESS – The Art of Losing
INSIDE THE MOUNTAIN – Lillian Pizzichini
MUSIC REVIEWS – Vic Galloway, John Leckie, DJ Food & Joe Muggs
HERCULES AND THE LOVE AFFAIR – The Grace of Unchartered Territories

and lots more…

Posting from 2nd August 2022

Inspired by a resurgence in the Arts Lab movement, and a year in lockdown – we’ve collaborated with some of the finest creative minds and put together a deliciously good read.

So, register, tune in, and be prepared to be transported!

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