Album Review: En Attendant Ana

Principia – out now on Trouble in Mind Records

I’m glad to report that all is well in the En Attendant Ana camp. The Parisian quintet are back with Principia, their third and, in my opinion, best record yet.

According to vocalist and principal songwriter, Margaux Bouchaudon, the songs were composed from a place of confusion about the state of the world and her place in it, looking outward and inward for answers. They question our perception of others, the one they have of us and finally the one we have of ourselves in a society where the individual is king and the group is forgotten.

Principia is full of stylish melodies and harmonies that find their way into your ear with a gloriously nonchalant yet confident push. When I hear their music, I wanna hear each instrument given their own space: the vintage organ that fizzes and swirls, the elasticated, slinking bass locking with the metronomic, precise swing of the drums, the yearning and sensuality of the trumpet and sax anchored together by Margaux’s contemplative vocals. They’ve achieved this with a beauty, a confidence, vulnerability, a joy and a poignancy, none more so than on Wonder – it’s their What Goes On – and it feels good.

Giles Sibbald

En Attendant Ana are:

Margaux Bouchaudon – vocals

Maxence Tomasso – guitar

Camille Fréchou – trumpet, sax, synths, vocals

Vincent Hivert – bass

Adrien Pollin – drums

FFO Electrelane, Stereolab & Laetitia Sadier, Cate Le Bon, Frankie Cosmos, Deerhunter, Yo la Tengo, Black Country New Road

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Photography – Arno Muller

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