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Not your actual shit (that would be weird) but we want your stuff… Letters, secrets, passwords, alarm-codes, manifestos, art, submissions, questions for the letters page, predictions! 

MÜ Magazine is a collaborative journal that continues to illuminate, surprise and inform. A vibrant, intelligent publication that offers a feast for the eyes, and food for the soul. Now we’d like YOU to be part of MÜ, in every way possible!

Want to write for Mü Magazine, we’re up for your ideas and proposals too. The only rule about Mü is – there are no rules! We’ve put an email and a physical address at the bottom of this page, so connect, we want to hear from YOU! 

What are your passions? Are they art, poetry, music, politics, food? What do you detest enough to vent about? Come on, dust off those cobwebs and get your mind whirling. 

Start thinking about what you’d like to see in MÜ and become part of the Mü-vement. We’re all in this together – so let’s strengthen our creative community and make MÜ Magazine a beacon! 

Join us, come on, you know you want to! 

Love and Peace from Team MÜ.

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