Carmen Villain – Only Love From Now On- Review

Carmen Villain

Only Love From Now On

Smalltown Supersound

The Norwegian-Mexican American instrumentalist and producer Carmen Hillestad has matured record by record and collaboration by collaboration. Her fourth solo album is next level even by her lofty standards. At times it leans to ambient, fourth world, dub techno, Steve Reich-ish minimalism and more but it’s way beyond all that: fully immersed in it this is genuinely ecstatic, in the old school Greek ‘ekstasis’ sense of taking you beyond yourself. Ultra detailed, ultra lush, ultra embracing, it’s a masterpiece, frankly.

Müse-ings In Print

MÜ is fearless, irreverent and nonconformist, a necessity in these times.

21 Gun Salute

21 Gun Salute to one of the greatest guitarists the world has ever seen.Jeff commanded huge respect and love from all the other great guitarists,

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