Du Blonde Message Deleted

Du Blonde

Message Deleted – out now on Daemon TV

It’s a joy to have Du Blonde back.

The new track, Message Deleted – the first since 2021’s wonderfully defiant and triumphant Homecoming album and the follow up anthemic single, Radio Jesus – is still wonderfully 100% Du Blonde and is already one of my favourite DB tracks.

Du Blonde has consistently dealt with subjects that are personal, bruising and heartbreaking. MESSAGE DELETED is business as usual in that regard, but this time, it takes us on a journey deep into the worst parts of her own depression. Lyrics such as “I don’t want to feel it, I just want to die” are delivered with reserved melancholy above a soundscape of swelling bass synths, muted overdriven guitars, glitches, samples, distorted honky tonk piano and electronic trap beats. The harmonies and melodies are perfectly haunting, moving and full of empathy.

“These days I mostly have my depression under control, but when it does rear its head, it goes from zero to a hundred in a matter of hours. Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about a symptom of depression that people don’t really seem to talk about, which is suicidal ideation without intent to actually go through with it. A lot of the time when people with depression express a desire to die, what they really want is for everything to just stop. The overwhelm, the panic, the fear, the emotion or lack thereof – the brain and body can only handle so much before it feels the only option is to shut down.”

This track speaks of Du Blonde’s honesty, courage, selflessness, and devotion to, and trust in, her fans. This is why they can identify with her and her with them. This is why she is such a compelling and vital part of the creative arts.

As it was then, as it is now.

Review By: Giles Sibbald






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