How Tragic – The Fear

How Tragic - The Fear

How Tragic… the duality of the name and the singularity of the impact.

‘The Fear’ is your punk rock sweet spot. A soaring, euphoric anthem that snarls, spits and caresses. It’s a bloody film noir, a slice of retro kitsch that respects the trailblazers of the 90s but covers new ground. Thunderous drums and a ripping bass anchor each other. Head protagonist Paige Campbell’s seductively raw vocals create a melodic tension in a narrative that’s amplified by sweeping chord progressions. The middle eight puts an arm around your shoulder, dousing you in saccharine and blood before the buzzsaw guitars break free to twist the truth-seeking knife for one last time.

How Tragic

“You’re going under and taking me with you I knew this was too good to be true”

Emotional, visceral, raw, empowering. This is the sound of the truth.

By: Giles Sibbald

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