Mark Stewart 10.08.1960-21.04.2023

Shocked to hear of Mark Stewart’s death.
The undisputed Don and main man instigator of the Bristol Dub scene and a huge innovator, inspirational artist and Post Punk legend with The Pop Group. A physically huge man with a great fire of spirit, he seemed indestructible.
Super intelligent, Informed and articulate, especially when it came to politics, counter culture and the avant garde and any radical ideas.
Was a great experience and honour to work on “The Politics Of Envy” with him. Most artists are quite precious about their recordings and ideas but Mark was the opposite “Do whatever you want, destroy them if necessary! “ completely fearless.
Everyone from Lee Perry to Primal Scream came out for him on that album and it’s rightly considered a classic, as is the single “A Very British Coup” where Mark is featured along side Jah Wobble and Keith Levine.
Mostly I remember constant laughter and hilarity, a very sharp eye and dark humour throughout every session.
Fly high starman and cosmic peace warrior.
Words from Youth
Photography from Maryann Morris

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