War – The World Is A Ghetto (Classic Album Review)

War - The World Is A Ghetto

War – The World Is A Ghetto

When I was 14 in Thornton Heath visiting the record store by the station, a cover caught my eye. It was so different, and in many ways years ahead of Led Zeppelin’s Physical Graffiti album cover. What was inside the album was even greater than that brilliant cover, the album being The World Is A Ghetto, and a song that has stood the test of time – Four Cornered Room  “Zoom Zoom Zoom….as I sit in my four cornered room”. It was the first  album I bought without the friend of my older musical brother.

In 1984 I lent this to a friend, who refused / forgot to bring it back. He, too, had fallen in love with it. Hugh finally gave me back my vinyl in ‘91. There’s a CD with bonus tracks out.

Memories of the barrier block in Brixton and the white room dj sets in ‘land of oz’, fields of hay and rooms filled with thousands of cuddly toys. There are places in your mind that the power of this song projects to – its gongs and zooms, ohs and hypnotising bass. 

It’s the missing link between psychedelic music and soul music. It’s a song that has lasted nearly 50 years! Eric Burdon and War were the last band Hendrix played with live the night before Jimi passed to a higher place… I wonder what the last tune was – Four Cornered Room?

PS – check the cover out it could be now! The Bentley is so class with a flat!

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