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New noise, new frontiers

A conversation with J. Willgoose, Esq. of Public Service Broadcasting Hilda Matheson. A name synonymous with inventing talk radio. A name synonymous with developing the standards for factual reporting of social commentary, politics, current affairs and news. And for courage. A pioneer. She was born in 1888 into a relatively comfortable, middle-class family. Forced to […]

OFF! – Re-wiring the circuitry

“I’m completely and wholeheartedly having the time of my life with what I’m doing right now” – Keith Morris Dedicated to the memory of DH Peligro The female butterfly finds its plant, settles and lays its eggs. The caterpillar emerges and feeds on the plant. It grows. It sheds its skin. It feeds. It grows. […]

La dolce vita – Mykki Blanco basks in the holiday sun

It’s the end of September. Summer nights are closing in. Clubs are getting ready for their closing parties. The last golden dawns and deep red sunsets, where Lust, Fun and Love congregate on the sand of a thousand beating vampire hearts. By night and by day, the three amigos search out the perfect soundtrack for […]

Do You Wanna Dance? Girl Ray pull an all-nighter

I was recently reminded of the “go to” club in Blackburn when I was at school in the mid-80’s. I say “go to”….. What I really mean is it was the only place I had an occasionally more than 50/50 chance of getting in. On the decks, Frankie were telling me to Relax, Chaka Khan’s […]

The Butterfly Effect of Fuck Money

By Giles Sibbald Around 60 years ago during a weather pattern simulation experiment, Edward Lorenz stumbled on a significant finding – that small, ostensibly unconnected events can have large consequences for weather patterns. To give an example, he argued that a butterfly flapping its wings in Hong Kong could cause a tornado in New York. […]

Galen Ayers and Paul Simonon – Bringing tomorrow’s dreams to life

By Giles Sibbald Maybe I’m a dreamer, maybe I’ve lived out a childhood where dreaming was possible, but I wonder where all the playfulness went, the fun of entering a world where you can imagine, be curious, explore, make observations, create stories. On our own or with others, it doesn’t matter. Savagely insular and capitalist […]

Sananda Maitreya – In Defiance of the Gods

“Life is the lake of existence. It is as turbulent as you make it. As calm as you allow it to be. It forms around you and your thoughts about yourself. Therefore, make sure your thoughts about yourself are consistent with the life you wish to live.” Sananda Maitreya On July 8th, 2022, Sananda Maitreya […]

Friendship, happiness and Inner World Peace – Frankie Cosmos

Are friendships for life a thing anymore? Does our unsettled world give us the right habitat to grow older together as friends? I’m not so sure. But maybe that’s just me. It’s the sign of a deep friendship when you can see someone after, like, forever and it’s like you’ve never been apart.  Frankie Cosmos […]

A spellbinding storybook of dreams and nightmares – Jarboe

Jarboe. A name synonymous with iconoclastic, incomparable performance art. The living legend inhabiting a mystic world where reality, mortality, sacrifice, reinvention, eroticism, and black humour are satiated through the artistic crucible of seduction and malevolence, tenderness and brutality. A songwriter, performer, recording artist and visual artist drawing from a childhood in America’s south, drawn to […]


Punk performance poet Jay Mitra talks anger, joy and reflection with David Erdos and Giles Sibbald The move from page to performance in modern poetry, while seemingly going hand in hand has often seen previous generations slap it away in favour of hiding behind the stanza. A new generation of poets have now reclaimed the […]