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Penny Rimbaud talks to Youth

Y: Have you enjoyed lockdown? P: Yeah, I enjoy solitude. All the people I know who are creatively involved really loved lockdown. All the people who need to go out – “need this”, “need that” – it really sort of shows the needy from the unneedy. We just need our own space. And that is […]


An exclusive encounter for MU with writer and visionary ALAN MOORE DAVID ERDOS:  True Vision arrives and can even be found through a phonecall. And so, across distance these words will have ‘brought to light’ the opinions that are guidance indeed for us all.. (DAVID CLEARS THROAT AND DIALS:) ALAN MOORE:  David, how are you mate? […]


1955-2022 R.I.P.

Jennifer Finch: Inspiring the revolution

It’s 1992 and it’s the Reading Festival. The now legendary Reading festival, I should say. Nirvana, Public Enemy, The Wonderstuff, Nick Cave, Rollins Band, Teenage Fanclub, L7, PJ Harvey, PIL, Beastie Boys, The Charlatans, Manic Street Preachers, Ride, Pavement, Melvins, Mudhoney, Smashing Pumpkins, The Farm… Anything stand out…?  L7 seemed to be bulletproof in the […]

Book review – Lady of the house

Lady of the House is a sumptuous celebration of women involved and associated with Dance, House Music and electronica over the last two decades.  In what the authors acknowledge should be viewed as the first volume in a journey to comprehensively recognise the impact of women in these scenes, they explore stories, experiences and truths […]

Jarvis Cocker makes tea for Tom Hodgkinson

It’s a sunny day in old London town, and I’m due to meet Jarvis Cocker at the offices of Rough Trade, his record company, which are on Golborne Road in west London, in the shadow of Ernö Goldfinger’s 1972 modernist block of flats, Trellick Tower, and near the Paddington arm of the Grand Union Canal. […]