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How Tragic – The Fear

How Tragic… the duality of the name and the singularity of the impact. ‘The Fear’ is your punk rock sweet spot. A soaring, euphoric anthem that snarls, spits and caresses. It’s a bloody film noir, a slice of retro kitsch that respects the trailblazers of the 90s but covers new ground. Thunderous drums and a […]

A Certain Ratio – 1982

In September 2021, I interviewed A Certain Ratio just ahead of the release of Loco Remezclada. They had already written 1982. Restlessly creative, respectful to their influences and history, always looking forward. First of all, the stunning album design by Trevor and Craig Johnson. Classic, clean, modern typography and a passionate colour palette that unlocks […]

Brix Smith – Valley of the Gods

“Brixton is God”
 The school kid scrawling it on the wall of the boys’ room all those years ago had it right. If they’re reading this, well maybe they’d be proud of the longevity of their proclamation. Because Brix Smith is still a rock god. She’s back amongst us with her first solo album – yeah, […]


Royal Albert Hall, London – Sunday 12th March 2023 KK’s Steel Mill, Wolverhampton – Friday 10th March 2023 Review: Nigel Wallbank Featured Photo: Sara Louise Bowrey   There is no other band quite like Killing Joke. Born out of ritual and fire in 1979 they continue their journey through the ages. Our journey to the […]

Sananda Maitreya – In Defiance of the Gods

“Life is the lake of existence. It is as turbulent as you make it. As calm as you allow it to be. It forms around you and your thoughts about yourself. Therefore, make sure your thoughts about yourself are consistent with the life you wish to live.” Sananda Maitreya On July 8th, 2022, Sananda Maitreya […]

Friendship, happiness and Inner World Peace – Frankie Cosmos

Are friendships for life a thing anymore? Does our unsettled world give us the right habitat to grow older together as friends? I’m not so sure. But maybe that’s just me. It’s the sign of a deep friendship when you can see someone after, like, forever and it’s like you’ve never been apart.  Frankie Cosmos […]

A spellbinding storybook of dreams and nightmares – Jarboe

Jarboe. A name synonymous with iconoclastic, incomparable performance art. The living legend inhabiting a mystic world where reality, mortality, sacrifice, reinvention, eroticism, and black humour are satiated through the artistic crucible of seduction and malevolence, tenderness and brutality. A songwriter, performer, recording artist and visual artist drawing from a childhood in America’s south, drawn to […]


Punk performance poet Jay Mitra talks anger, joy and reflection with David Erdos and Giles Sibbald The move from page to performance in modern poetry, while seemingly going hand in hand has often seen previous generations slap it away in favour of hiding behind the stanza. A new generation of poets have now reclaimed the […]

Vic Galloway’s 10 Album Reviews

Jockstrap – I Love you Jennifer B (Rough Trade) As we all know, there should be no rules when making art. That said, few musicians and songwriters adhere to that philosophy and often fall into clichés or tread well-worn paths. Not so Jockstrap. Take their mere name alone, they obviously delight in upsetting the apple […]

DJ Food’s Music Reviews

Unknown Genre – Elevator Ride 12”/DL (Other Goodness)  Andrew ‘Emperor Machine’ Meecham and Sean ‘A Love From Outer Space’ Johnston make up Unknown Genre and craft a beautiful couple of downtempo floor chuggers with touches of acid and timbale percussion amongst the sinister synth work. The Orielles turn in an ambient mix to round the […]