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John Leckie’s Classic Album Review

The Incredible String Band : 1000 Spirits or The Layers of The Onion 1967   The Incredible String Band are a bit like Marmite…you love them or hate them. How can you be into Stockhausen and Hendrix and be a String Band freak? Many of my friends were (and still are!) This is the cover […]

Eclectica – Joe Muggs Music Reviews

   Lucretia Dalt ¡Ay! RVNG Intl Is Lucretia Dalt getting her groove on? Kind of! Her work over multiple albums and soundtracks has always had the influence of her native Colombia incorporated as an essence within complex abstractions. Here, though, the bolero, mambo, salsa, and merengue are vividly present – albeit slowed down, stretched and […]

Single Review: Gurriers, Approachable.

Gurriers. Remember the name because they are starting to cause a stir. They’re raging, visceral and their riffs will make you punch the air.  Synthesise the raw ferocity of a (melodic) Metz with the confident rock n roll swagger of early Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and you can start to get the idea of Gurriers’ […]

Album Review: En Attendant Ana

Principia – out now on Trouble in Mind Records I’m glad to report that all is well in the En Attendant Ana camp. The Parisian quintet are back with Principia, their third and, in my opinion, best record yet. According to vocalist and principal songwriter, Margaux Bouchaudon, the songs were composed from a place of confusion about […]

The Future is Forever Lilac and Black

When you hear and fall in love with those musicians who have combined poetic storytelling with music that shows deep respect and love for its wonderful diversity of guises. That feeling, y’know? Rock ‘n’ roll has always been the haven of outsiders of those who won’t conform, a community, a gang where you can feel […]

Billy Nomates: bold vulnerability, instinctive humanity

By Giles Sibbald “70-80% of being bold is about being vulnerable as hell” There weren’t that many places of solace during the bleakness of those lockdowns. I sought out a few musicians who were determined to build communities of positivity and humanity and try to make sense of whatever the fuck was going on. Oh, […]

Boris – W- Review

Boris – W Sacred Bones In 29 years of playing and 26 in this lineup, Japanese rock trio Boris have never stood still. Thus, they follow ‘NO’, 2021’s album of furious, and relatively lo-fi, crustpunk, with one of the most detailed, sonically advanced records they’ve ever made. ‘W’ ranges from spooky abstract-but-intimate songs through ‘Loveless’ […]

Mazen Kerbaj – Sampler / Sampled – Review

Mazen Kerbaj Sampler / Sampled Morphine So, this is just all the way out there. On ‘Sampler’, Lebanese trumpeter Kerbaj pushes his instrument as far as it will go in all directions with various processing to produce hundreds of snippets and blurts of the most gloriously weird noise, intended for sampling and manipulation. On ‘Sampled’, […]

Carmen Villain – Only Love From Now On- Review

Carmen Villain Only Love From Now On Smalltown Supersound The Norwegian-Mexican American instrumentalist and producer Carmen Hillestad has matured record by record and collaboration by collaboration. Her fourth solo album is next level even by her lofty standards. At times it leans to ambient, fourth world, dub techno, Steve Reich-ish minimalism and more but it’s […]

Ugandan Experiments

The emergence of a new “underground” in East Africa David Cecil, Co-founder, East African Records Uganda exercises a powerful magnetic attraction for those who enjoy a bit of risk and chaos. Its feverish nightclubs, lush climate and distinctive rhythms have drawn increasing numbers of sonic adventurers from all parts of the world. Since I first […]